Cap Table & TABS Score
Built for entrepreneurs, allowing unlimited cap table members and complex dilution & exit simulations while keeping your company up to date & compliant
Chat T12
The pocket sized AI-powered command for every startup, allowing you to ask it questions specific to your company, including general management advisory
Fast 409a & Doc Management
A la carte add ons that give you more control like Doc Management (eSignature, eSend & Track, Data Room, and more) or T12 409a which is fast & affordable

Unlimited Cap Table™

Set yourself apart from the rest – at T12, we're different; our pricing isn't tied to your usage. Experience the freedom to onboard countless cap table members and explore unrestricted use of our premier dilution and exit simulation modeling tools
Seamless digital certificates
Unlimited dilution and exit simulations
Effortless admin & user management

Your AI-Powered
Company Advisor

Tailored to your needs, ChatT12™ is a uniquely trained AI-model kept up to date with your company's data. Experience personalized insights, responses, and guidance wherever and whenever you need it.
Uncover strategic insights with questions like "What funding avenue should we pursue?
Stay agile with Cap Table data with questions like "How much of our option pool is still available?"
Simulate dilution & exit scenarios with questions like "How would us raising $2M at a $20M valuation dilute us?"
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Fast 409a & 
Doc Management

Experience the efficiency of T12's rapid 409a solution, meticulously designed to save you valuable time. Leveraging data directly from your cap table, our process streamlines the information gathering.
Save precious time with simplicity and ease
Efficiency and affordability
Update capabilities to make your next 409a even faster
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White Label Friendly

We’ve positioned ourselves as the behind-the-scenes enabler; our channel partners get to expand their offering to bring their brand into the AI generation.

CFO Groups &
Law Firms

Accelerators &





Revscale SALES

Revscale Sales™ empowers entrepreneurs, startups, and enterprises to accelerate their B2B revenue. Acting as an AI-powered business development agent, Revscale Sales™ efficiently delivers qualified prospects within the target market to your sales teams

Explore White Labeling
the T12 Startup Finance Suite

Discover the power of our white label suite, designed to enhance your customer relationships. Your clients will seamlessly access mission-critical startup information through your own website, reinforcing your brand's connection with them. Plus, unlock the potential for continuous revenue growth by joining our reseller program
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Revscale LAUNCH

The Revscale LAUNCH program is a 12 - 16 week digital accelerator powered by AI specifically designed for early-stage venture development. Looking to validate their product or concept, founders can accelerate their time to product-market-fit while preserving cash, whether they are launching solo, part of an incubator, or from a corporate innovation team, by receiving a fully designed & developed minimum viable product in weeks, not months.
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