T12 Cap Table

A clean cap table is the foundation you need to raise capital and grow

Pass due diligence, run 409A valuations, and share ownership values without breaking the bank

White glove services provide a stress free process & keeps our cap table pristine

Dilution & exit simulations help you preserve equity, recruit, and stay one step ahead of investors

Unlimited Cap Table™

At T12 we're different; our pricing isn't tied to usage. Experience the freedom to onboard countless cap table members and explore unrestricted use of our best in category dilution and exit simulations via the T12 Simulator (included with every cap table).
Unlimited cap table members
Unlimited rounds
Unlimited dilution & exit simulations

T12 Simulator

Equity is your most valuable resource - use our tools to manage it with precision and professionalism. Get greater insights into how your equity will evolve over time without wasting money and time on lawyers. Use these insights to prepare for your next investor meeting, negotiate, and recruit like a pro.
Calculate dilution from note conversion in future priced rounds
Run exit simulations - share with potential investors and hires
Easy to use (same UI/UX as cap table)

Fast 409a

T12's streamlined 409a solution is designed to save you time. Leveraging data directly from your cap table, we'll get your next 409a completed quickly and easily so you can go back to building.

Stay compliant with the help of our experts

Save time with our streamlined process

Save money with our solutions that fits within your budget

Cap Table & TABS Score
Built for entrepreneurs, allowing unlimited cap table members and complex dilution & exit simulations while keeping your company up to date & compliant
Chat T12
The pocket sized AI-powered command for every startup, allowing you to ask it questions specific to your company, including general management advisory
Fast 409a & Doc Management
A la carte add ons that give you more control like Doc Management (eSignature, eSend & Track, Data Room, and more) or T12 409a which is fast & affordable

Option Management

Give employees, contractors, and any stakeholders with vesting equity a login to view their ownership.
Track vesting and share ownership values in real time
Control level of information shared
Pause/terminate/cancel vesting as necessary

Your AI-Powered
Company Advisor

Tailored to your needs, ChatT12™ is a uniquely trained AI-model kept up to date with your company's data. Experience personalized insights, responses, and guidance wherever and whenever you need it.
Uncover strategic insights with questions like "What funding avenue should we pursue?
Stay agile with Cap Table data with questions like "How much of our option pool is still available?"
Simulate dilution & exit scenarios with questions like "How would us raising $2M at a $20M valuation dilute us?"
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White Label Friendly

We’ve positioned ourselves as the behind-the-scenes enabler; our channel partners get to expand their offering to bring their brand into the AI generation.

CFO Groups &
Law Firms

Accelerators &





Revscale SALES

Revscale Sales™ empowers entrepreneurs, startups, and enterprises to accelerate their B2B revenue. Acting as an AI-powered business development agent, Revscale Sales™ efficiently delivers qualified prospects within the target market to your sales teams

Data privacy commitment

By default T12 employees don't have human readable access to your data
You are in control of your data - T12 onboarding or support only gets access when you provide it
We will never reach out to or 'spam' your investors

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How Question & AI Answers works

Move from simple search to question & AI Answer
Apply to private files and folders
Source documents included in the answers

“I’m sold! It does what I need and doesn’t cost millions of dollars.”

Carlton Hoyt

"I used T12 to run multiple scenarios while negotiating our financing. It helped me find terms that satisfied both parties."

Kim Wrath

"Modeling on T12 optimized my current raise and my plans for future raises.”

Justin Wolff

"T12 dilution & exit simulations saved our butts so many times... no way I'm paying $15k or whatever to Carta to get modeling when it comes packaged in T12 for $240."

Eric Schneider

"After our crowdfunding campaign Carta quoted us more than $60,000 annually - with T12 we pay just $240/year, and get even more tools and features. On top of that, their support and customer service exceeded our expectations. T12 has our highest recommendation."

Steve Wilcenski

“Spreadsheets made it impossible to visualize my startup’s equity breakdown with open SAFEs and options I planned to issue. All my problems disappeared after I switched to T12. Dilution & exit modeling was critical to plan for future rounds. Onboarding was easy and customer service is unmatched.”

Sia Nazari

"T12 meets 100% of our cap table and shareholder requirements. They continue to add features and actually engage with their customer base regarding the tech stack. I love the team and product. The T12 Migration? Awesome."

Eric Klasson

"With founders raising on Notes & SAFEs across different caps and discounts, there’s no clarity on how my investments will convert in a priced round or upon exit. As an investor I was impressed when my first startup showed me their T12 cap table dilution & exit simulation and brought out my checkbook."

Anand Rao

"After Carta raised their prices (again) we began shopping around for another cap table management platform. Couldn’t be happier with T12.ai in terms of value, functionality, and support. Highly recommended!"

Michael Croix

"Don’t spend all the money you’ve raised on cap table software. Use T12 to save money and get your cap table sorted even faster."

Cory McKane

"T12’s product is much more friendly for the entrepreneur than Carta's.”

Richard Sloan


Trusted and loved by startups ranging from pre-seed bootstrapped to late stage venture backed.

White Label Equity Management

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Revscale LAUNCH

The Revscale LAUNCH program is a 12 - 16 week digital accelerator powered by AI specifically designed for early-stage venture development. Looking to validate their product or concept, founders can accelerate their time to product-market-fit while preserving cash, whether they are launching solo, part of an incubator, or from a corporate innovation team, by receiving a fully designed & developed minimum viable product in weeks, not months.
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